Yingluck must address the nation soonest

The floods have wreaked havoc in many provinces and Bangkok has not been spared either. Initially, people have talked about the government’s (mis) management of the crisis and how they would go about resolving this huge problem.

Some have thought about the state of emergency, myself included. People have asked why the prime minister refused to declare a state of emergency. She needs this tool so as to deal with groups of confused and disorderly people who at times can be very belligerent. So it was imperative to have this law to ensure law and order in the land. When people are faced with life-and-death issues and it becomes a matter of survival, the notion of the common good becomes secondary. Now it is too late to think about invoking a state of emergency.

At present another state of emergency is in order – and that is the state of mind. Like in any crisis management, you need professionals to take care of the problem. To make people understand and come to terms with the crisis, we have to look at the big picture. Anthropologically speaking, we have to use the three approaches, namely, holistic, evolutionary (or adaptive), and comparative. When all these have been said and done correctly and in a timely manner, the state of mind of the flood victims can be saved. Then they will be able to accept reason and some form of mediation from the authorities.

Please, Madam Prime Minister, you should talk to the nation. I mean, really talk to the Thai people. You must have a State of the Union Address like in the United States. Take this forum as a means to restore the state of mind of the nation.

Joe Sirijaraya, PhD

Post Bag, Bangkok Post, 5 November 2011


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