Happy New Year 2014


Spared another crisis

   Luckily, Thailand has been spared from the confrontation of different groups in the streets as the ill-formatt

Floods are a time for self reflection

   The current mega-floods have given some of us a lot of time for reflection. Generally, we live our daily live

Yingluck must address the nation soonest

   The floods have wreaked havoc in many provinces and Bangkok has not been spared either. Initially, people have

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Language is a communication tool used for different purposes. There are 6,500 languages in the world, which is populated by 6.7 billion people. Some of the languages have different spoken and written dialects. Therefore, translation and interpretation have an important role in the globalized world in which communication between nations is seamless. As such, translation and interpretation are the tools or channels for intra-multilingualism within the country and for inter-multilingualism between countries to help people to obtain a common understanding and connection via effective cross-language communication that can eliminate language differences.

Sapiens International Corporation is a leading Language Service Provider (LSP) for the public and private sectors. With over 10 years’ experience in translation and interpretation services, both domestically and internationally, Sapiens commands a large pool of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters who are well versed in using languages for international communication in various fields. Apart from that, Sapiens offers state-of-the-art translation and interpretation tools and equipment which cater to the client’s needs and preferences.


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